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what are you doing
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What program you changing to? And congrats, changing courses can be hard, but sometimes it’s the best thing.
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Watcha doin now?
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Proud of you xx
Thanks frannnnnnnds.

I’m now in Bachelor of Business Management/Bachelor of Arts. Unclear what I will graduate with. BBusMan is a 3 year program and the dual is 4.25 years… with credit for what I’ve already done I can finish just Business Management in 2.25 years if I just want to get the fuck out, or I can stick with the dual programs and get it done in 3.25-3.75 years depending on choice of Arts majors and what they give me credit for.

In any case this semester will be 100% business courses (three management courses and one business law)

I’m changing programs

I’ve been shitting over my future and academic progress for awhile now and have made a decision over this break to return to full-time study this semester in a new program.

I think it is what I want to be doing and I think I am making the right decision. At the same time it’s hard to get excited because at the end of the day:

a) it is uni which I am kind of sick of on a fundamental kind of level

b) it is kind of daunting confronting just how long it will be before I can progress to the next stage of my life. I feel like even if I enjoy this program that I’ll be at university forever

c) I’ve thought I knew what I wanted many times and I can’t really trust myself to get it right anymore

d) I know I shouldn’t, but I feel embarrassed about doing all first-year courses next semester

e) I have other sources of stress which will persist and this is adding a new one

Anyway I am trying to focus on the little things. Like the prospect of [almost] never having to write a fucking essay again. Exam life come at me. 

Honestly my main motivation for correcting my sleep cycle right now is that it is so freaking cold in this house at night and I can’t expect myself to be productive at these hours.

But fixing sleep cycle is so hard right now urgh